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Most buyers will fail before succeeding. Navigating the Toronto real estate market is not an easy task. I have been doing it for over a dozen years and if I had a dollar for every time I've heard over the years "we'll wait for the market to slow down" or "the bubble is about to burst" - I would have been able to buy myself another investment property by now.
Real estate is still one of the only solid investment forms no matter what the media says.
Your experience can be awesome if you arm yourself with a good foundation. 
1/ A solid mortgage broker. 
2/ A realtor who's honest and understands your dreams but keeps you grounded. 
3/ Be ready to jump in and jump in with full force. The market is fast moving and won't wait for you. 
For not getting an F in real estate remember the 3 Fs of being a Buyer;
Be FOCUSED, be FLEXIBLE and be FIERCE in negotiations. The 4th F would be to F**** it and move on if that's what's required cause remember most people will fail before succeeding.
Be mindful of over stated promises and marketing schemes. Don't get lured in with empty promises. That's the developers' job.
A topic for another article about buying new construction. 
Real estate is not a loosing game in Toronto if you are focused, flexible and fierce. 
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