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Kitec plumbing was commonly used in homes built between 1995 and 2007, and otherwise for general plumbing repairs or renovations. The Kitec system was sold under a number of different brand names and in a variety of colours, and it consists of pipes and fittings. In 2005, it was recalled because the pipes and fittings were found to have a tendency to corrode quickly and can fail entirely, which can lead to flooding.

The repair of Kitec can cost from a few thousand dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars. The bill to remove and repair this plumbing can be substantial, and it can also lead to insurance or mortgage issues. This should not necessarily be considered minor matter.


REALTORS® and consumers may wish to speak to a lawyer about this type of claim.

"The bill to remove and repair this plumbing can be substantial."

Not only do you have to replace the pipes but you also have to get access to them, which can mean knocking down the walls and then repairing them after replacing the pipes.

Some condo coroporation have started planning and allocating money in their Reserve Funds in which case when buying a condo buyers can breath a little easier knowing there is money to at least cover partly of the upcoming expenses.

Some townhouse complexes around Toronto also have this problem. 

Kitec can sometimes be identified by examining the pipes/fittings around the water heater, or beneath sinks. This resource lists the various brand names that were used for the pipes.

There is also a class action settlement regarding Kitec, against IPEX Inc., the manufacturer of Kitec. Funds are set aside to enable for claimants to possibly recoup some money to help cover the cost of repairs and remediation of Kitec plumbing if needed. They will be accepting claims until early 2020. The settlement website has helpful information.

This article on provides a helpful overview of the Kitec issue.


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